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When I was 3, I would rip the page out of my coloring book if I colored outside the lines. Ever since, I’ve been on a quest to make everything in my life better. I originally set my sights on a career in Marketing/Sales, but my heart got in the way. So I forced myself to learn Adobe software, combined it with my talent and style, my knowledge from my degree in Business, and set sail on my own.

13 years later and I’m still learning everyday. What I love about design is that it’s everywhere. It’s not just about how it looks, but also about how well it solves a problem. There is always something to improve upon.

That’s why I’m here, writing this. I’m ready for the next adventure.

My backbone

I’m the husband to a woman who gives and loves relentlessly and the lucky Dad to a daughter with autism who teaches me and enriches my life everyday. They are two of the reasons I’ve been able to be successful and the driving force behind my passion and work ethic.

When I’m not staring into a screen, I’m usually with my family, friends or at the beach. That’s how I best reflect, recharge, and plan for what’s ahead. I’m anxious to share more of my story, learn about yours and see if we have a well-designed future together.


  • I eat Mexican food all the time.
  • I’m fluent in sarcasm.
  • I have over a dozen pairs of Vans.
  • Love almost every music genre, except Country. Plays excellent air keyboards.
  • You can count on me to help you move, again.
  • Dogs, not cats.
  • I can’t draw a cartoon to save my life.
  • March Madness is better than Christmas.
  • Wannabe surfer, but not for long.
  • I can find humor in any situation.


Paychecks are great, but nothing quite matches the smiles after delivering design work to my friends and family. For me it’s all about that emotional payback. It seems that I always have a personal project to work on and you’d think I’d want to enjoy my short break from work, but I love it. I always have an idea of something to create or if a friend has a request, I’m horrible at telling them I can’t fit it in. So here are a few little projects/gifts of design.

There is much more to me than my body of work or my resume. I’m a self-starter as well as a great team-player. I take challenges head on and learn from my mistakes. I’m excited to share my talents and learn from others.

My quest is to become a better person and become a better designer.